2015 at a Glance

2015 was a very successful year for JD Contractors, Inc. with many projects being completed.

8 coffee shops refreshes, 11 restaurant refreshes, 10 major coffee shops renovations, 2 new coffee shops constructions and 6 residential projects!

That’s quite a lot for a small owner-operated construction company, but it is not more than we can handle! We finished all projects while taking care of ongoing facilities maintenance. This includes many different types of work – from leaks in basements and store fronts hit by a car, through fixing plumbing and electrical, installing art walls and walk off mats, to dealing with fruit flies and exterior painting, fixing pot holes and repairing damaged door locks.

Another significant amount of work was brought to us by brand new projects. One of them was the installation of Powermat wireless charging stations in 21 Starbucks stores throughout Greater Boston Area. JDC also became the general contractor for Powermat in New England, taking care of all service repairs and installations of their wireless charging stations used in coffee shops.

When it became warm enough outside seating, we made sure to help with outdoor furniture for local stores. JDC distributed exterior furniture for several Starbucks locations all around New England. Then, later in the fall, we returned to pick up all of the furniture and store for winter until the spring.

Due to our quality work and partnership with Starbucks, we were referred to provide the same services for various Potbelly stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Anything you could think of – we dealt with it in the past year. Call us if you think you have a problem we haven’t seen yet! We are happy to help you with any project – big or small – you might have. JD Contractors, Inc. is well-known for our strong belief that almost nothing’s impossible – we’ll look for ways to deal with even with the toughest challenges, and we always make sure that you are 100% happy with the results of our work!

New Starbucks Café in Manchester VT

During the last couple months, we were super busy here at JD Contractors, Inc.. We were not only overseeing multiple Starbucks remodels and smaller refreshes, but were also proving general contractor services for a large project in Manchester, Vermont. JD Contractors, Inc. is proud to have been involved in the construction of the very first Starbucks location in Manchester, VT.

The new Starbucks store has been up and running for over a month now, and it’s been a great success so far!

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Remodel of Boston Starbucks (755 Boylston St.)

After a busy summer, we have another Starbucks store to add to our completed projects list – the Starbucks located at 755 Boylston Street in downtown Boston. This very busy store located in the heart of Boston went through a remodel while remaining open to customers. Our crews and subcontractors had to make sure the remodeling process wouldn’t interfere with customers enjoying their daily cup of coffee. Luckily, JD Contractors, Inc. can handle such situations without any problems – all construction related work was completed during evenings and the store was cleaned each morning for yet another day of busy Boston life.

For more information on our commercial remodeling services, or to request an estimate on an upcoming project, please contact us today!

Check out some of the photos from the project:

Franklin – New Starbucks Store Opened

After weeks of hard work and ensuring every detail was completed according to our high standard of quality, the new Starbucks store was finally ready to open for customers. The grand opening on June 5 brought the very first Starbucks store to Franklin, MA. At JD Contractors, Inc., we are very happy we could be such an important part of this project.

The new Starbucks store in Franklin offers everything a coffee shop customer could need and far more – from modern and comfortable furniture, inspirational artwork, plenty of seating options, to friendly baristas, a family atmosphere and of course, the tasteful coffee Starbucks is known for. This was all brought to Franklin, MA with the help of JD Contractors, Inc..

Powermat Project in Boston Starbucks Stores

After many successful projects that JD Contractors, Inc. has completed for Starbucks Coffee Company, it was not surprising when we were entrusted with one very particular project back in 2012. It was the year when Powermat and Starbucks first announced their collaboration in installing charging stations in selected Starbucks stores around the Boston area.

Powermat is a company specializing in wireless charging technology. JD Contractors, Inc. was responsible for the preparation and installment of this new equipment in selected stores.

Our team surveyed all locations prior to installation, and created detailed drawings and schedule, which we utilized to install the wireless charging stations. All counters and tables where the charging stations were placed were custom made and installed. Today, it’s been over 2 years since this initiative and it has been a total success. We look forward to working with Powermat again in the future!

Concord MA Remodel Project

Our most recent project took place in the small town of Concord, MA where we were remodeling the Starbucks located on Sudbury Street.


We all know that unexpected problems can arise out of nowhere. Our client was lucky that JD Contractors, Inc. was involved in this project as the remodeling process was seriously interrupted by challenges and problems with deliveries caused by third parties.

Our project manager and site supervisor had to deal with several last-minute schedule changes and use our resourcefulness and extensive team of subcontractors in order to maintain scheduled opening day. Years of experience have prepared us to handle emergencies and unexpected situations. During this particular project, we were able to overcome initial challenges and finished the remodel on schedule, producing top-quality results.

Scope of Work

The project began with a complete demolition of the entire store, including all casework, furniture, equipment, merchandise bases, artwork, wallpapers, floor tiles, light fixtures and finishes. Once the demolition was completed, we immediately started rough framing, plumbing and electrical work.


This Starbucks re-opened on Saturday, March 14, after being closed for only 5 days. Our experienced project manager, site supervisor, crews and subcontractors were all able to handle unforeseen events and managed to deliver work in the highest quality and within the pre-set time schedule.

We are happy that we could help the Concord Starbucks community to make their coffee place shinier and more welcoming for their visits.

Remodel of Coolidge Corner Starbucks in Brookline, MA

Our next big project of 2015 took place in early February. This project involved a remodel of the Starbucks located on Harvard Street in the Coolidge Corner area of Brookline, MA. For people in this neighborhood, this Starbucks is the place for a morning coffee, meeting friends, or resting after an exhausting day at work. JD Contractors, Inc. was trusted to transform this location into a stylish and modern place where customers could enjoy their daily cup of coffee in comfort.

JDC’s remodeling team first prepared a detailed schedule of the remodel. One of the initial challenges was the store’s location. The Starbucks is located on a busy street in Brookline, which made parking and material deliveries a challenge. With only a small parking space in the back of the store, and a busy, snow-covered street, everything had to follow the pre-established schedule.

JDC’s remodeling team and subcontractors spent 5 days and 2 additional nights to accomplish the remodel. This project started Sunday night with the demolition of all existing furniture and equipment.

The scope of work included new plumbing fixtures, electrical wiring, framing new walls, tiling, and painting. The last part of the remodel involved installing new casework. All work that was taken care of by JD Contracting and our trusted subcontractors was performed professionally and of the highest quality. This and the fact that we scheduled and finished the remodel during night hours ensured that this busy Starbucks location could reopen after only 5 days of being closed. Additionally, all work was completed within the designated timeframe and on budget.

As of Saturday, February 7, Coolidge Corner customers can now enjoy their morning coffee in a completely renovated store. The location now offers more seating space, surrounded by attractive artwork, and provides the staff with an overall better work environment.

Commercial Remodel – Fresh Pond Starbucks in Cambridge, MA

January 11 was the start day for our remodeling project at Fresh Pond – Starbucks store in Cambridge, MA. This project was very particular due to its location on the first floor of the Best Western Plus Hotel Tria.

One of the main challenges that our team was facing during this remodel was coordinating all of the required work, while taking into account the comfort of all hotel guests and staff. Our project manager and supervisors worked closely with the hotel management to develop a detailed schedule.

Our team ensured that that all intrusive and loud work was performed during day hours, leaving night times for flooring, tiling, cleaning, and other work that would have had a negative impact on store’s neighborhood. This way, we were able to eliminate the negative impact of demolition and construction on hotel guests and neighbors.

The scope of work included demolition of all equipment, flooring, cabinetry, display cases, artwork, furniture and miscellaneous structures. We installed new flooring in both the front of the store as well as in the back room. All walls were prepped, primed, painted and new wallpaper was installed. We provided new casework, chair rail, trim, and artwork.

All existing fixtures and fittings were also replaced, including all updated code requirements. Because this store didn’t go through such a significant remodel for almost 10 years, several unforeseen issues arose, which were addressed efficiently by our team. All work was performed professionally, and with a sense of perfectionism by our trusted subcontractors, who only provide services of the highest quality.

With this remodel came an increased efficiency in operation of this Starbucks location. They now have a fresh, updated store for their customers and staff, which was completed within the allotted schedule and budget. Today the Fresh Pond Starbucks is fully operational thanks to a job well done by JD Contractors, Inc..