Commercial Remodel – Fresh Pond Starbucks in Cambridge, MA

January 11 was the start day for our remodeling project at Fresh Pond – Starbucks store in Cambridge, MA. This project was very particular due to its location on the first floor of the Best Western Plus Hotel Tria.

One of the main challenges that our team was facing during this remodel was coordinating all of the required work, while taking into account the comfort of all hotel guests and staff. Our project manager and supervisors worked closely with the hotel management to develop a detailed schedule.

Our team ensured that that all intrusive and loud work was performed during day hours, leaving night times for flooring, tiling, cleaning, and other work that would have had a negative impact on store’s neighborhood. This way, we were able to eliminate the negative impact of demolition and construction on hotel guests and neighbors.

The scope of work included demolition of all equipment, flooring, cabinetry, display cases, artwork, furniture and miscellaneous structures. We installed new flooring in both the front of the store as well as in the back room. All walls were prepped, primed, painted and new wallpaper was installed. We provided new casework, chair rail, trim, and artwork.

All existing fixtures and fittings were also replaced, including all updated code requirements. Because this store didn’t go through such a significant remodel for almost 10 years, several unforeseen issues arose, which were addressed efficiently by our team. All work was performed professionally, and with a sense of perfectionism by our trusted subcontractors, who only provide services of the highest quality.

With this remodel came an increased efficiency in operation of this Starbucks location. They now have a fresh, updated store for their customers and staff, which was completed within the allotted schedule and budget. Today the Fresh Pond Starbucks is fully operational thanks to a job well done by JD Contractors, Inc..