Starbucks Renovation in Westfield, MA

Renovation of Starbucks in Westfield, MA took place in February 2016. It was an incredibly busy time for us as we managed to renovate 4 Starbucks stores within month and a half. We started at Newton Corner at the end of January, we worked in Westfield the second week of February, and continued in Worcester and Dedham by the end of the month (both projects coming on our blog soon!).

Westfield was the furthest project away from our headquarters which made it a little more challenging logistics-wise, but looking back at the photos of the finished renovation we have to say it was a success.

When preparing this renovation project, we had to take into account that the Drive Thru would stay open during the renovation. JDC had a set schedule for all works and coordinated everything with the store manager of Westfield Starbucks. This way we and all Starbucks employees were able to work as a team and brought this project to a successful end.

Please, have a look at our work in Westfield in the gallery bellow!