2015 at a Glance

2015 was a very successful year for JD Contractors, Inc. with many projects being completed.

8 coffee shops refreshes, 11 restaurant refreshes, 10 major coffee shops renovations, 2 new coffee shops constructions and 6 residential projects!

That’s quite a lot for a small owner-operated construction company, but it is not more than we can handle! We finished all projects while taking care of ongoing facilities maintenance. This includes many different types of work – from leaks in basements and store fronts hit by a car, through fixing plumbing and electrical, installing art walls and walk off mats, to dealing with fruit flies and exterior painting, fixing pot holes and repairing damaged door locks.

Another significant amount of work was brought to us by brand new projects. One of them was the installation of Powermat wireless charging stations in 21 Starbucks stores throughout Greater Boston Area. JDC also became the general contractor for Powermat in New England, taking care of all service repairs and installations of their wireless charging stations used in coffee shops.

When it became warm enough outside seating, we made sure to help with outdoor furniture for local stores. JDC distributed exterior furniture for several Starbucks locations all around New England. Then, later in the fall, we returned to pick up all of the furniture and store for winter until the spring.

Due to our quality work and partnership with Starbucks, we were referred to provide the same services for various Potbelly stores in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

Anything you could think of – we dealt with it in the past year. Call us if you think you have a problem we haven’t seen yet! We are happy to help you with any project – big or small – you might have. JD Contractors, Inc. is well-known for our strong belief that almost nothing’s impossible – we’ll look for ways to deal with even with the toughest challenges, and we always make sure that you are 100% happy with the results of our work!