New Starbucks Store Almost Ready!

JD Contractors, Inc. has been busy with the construction of a new Starbucks store in the Boston area. Our crews have been working on this extensive project for almost 2 months now and we’re happy it is finally approaching its successful completion.

Our team made sure this Starbucks location will offer its customers everything they might need and beyond. The entire store is furnished with beautiful, modern and comfortable furniture. The emphasis was on the quality of materials and outstanding design. And most important – all work was done by our great team and subcontractors in the highest quality possible.

Final touches are currently being applied and the store is anxiously awaiting its first customers, who will be served during the upcoming grand opening.

New Starbucks Coming Soon!

During the last couple of weeks, we’ve been working hard on a big project that is soon coming to its finale. Our crews have busy constructing a new Starbucks in the Boston area. We’re very happy with the progress of this project and are excited that it is approaching its finish.

We’ve already completed several inspections, including rough plumbing and electrical, followed by framing inspection, ceiling grid and fire system inspections. Electrical and plumbing inspections were also completed on time.

The JDC team and its trusted subcontractors have finished flooring and tiling, and are currently working on casework and equipment installation, as well as lighting fixtures, all electrical work and plumbing fixtures. The final steps toward opening the new Starbucks store include painting, artwork installation, new furniture lay-out, and a final inspection.